Infographic: Just How Dangerous Is The Dye In Your Food?

Amazing and insightful infographic from FastCompany They used to put cocaine in Coca Cola. Vegetables were once routinely covered in deadly DDT. Ever wonder what poisons you eat that will make future generations look back in horror? In case you need something new to worry about, the answer could be food dyes, as a new infographic by illustrates. Titled “Colors to Die for: The Dangerous Impact of Food Coloring,” a liquid (…) Read more

Article: Why I don’t own a mobile phone (Writing about writing)

Stumbled across this blog post about not owning a mobile phone. Must say it’s really an interesting read. It’s actually from the owner of Silverfish Books. I hope this clarifies the question once and for all, though it probably will not. I’m the one without the mobile phone, but my friends, for some reason, are the ones who feel the pain. Some have been on a virtual crusade, with the (…) Read more

Best Advice I Ever Got: Rameet Chawla |

Rameet Chawla took a detour from the banking world to launch Fueled, a mobile development company that’s since grown to 70 employees, two locations and a shared working space. He shares the three lessons that made it possible. Improve sales, hire one senior person rather than two junior people, and exercise patience when hiring. Five years ago, I made the jump from banking to tech. While I kept my tailored (…) Read more

I am Malala

My copy has finally arrived. Can’t wait to start reading it tonight. Apparently the Taliban has sent warning to shops selling the book. Talking to this correspondent on phone on Thursday, TTP spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said they knew that Malala would get awards from the enemies of Islam. “Malala abandoned Islam for secularism for which she is being given awards,” he said, adding that the media and the international community (…) Read more

20 Amazing Cloud Formations

Clouds are formed in the Earth’s atmosphere when water evaporates into vapor from oceans, lakes, ponds, and even streams and rivers; and by evaporation or transpiration over moist areas of Earth’s land surface. The vapor rises up into colder areas of the atmosphere due to convective, orographic, or frontal lifting. Check out this link 20 Amazing Cloud Formations.

You’re a stay-at-home mom? What do you DO all day?

I recently stumbled upon this article by Matt Walsh. I think everyone should read this. Even I’m at times guilty of this. Underestimating the role mothers play in the upbringing of children and more importantly take for granted the sacrifices they make taking care of our children 24/7 whilst we make pale comparisons to our daily work in the office. One think I would like to tell my wife Zeenee (…) Read more

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