The Loves of my life

Zeenee recently organized a simple photoshoot at Lake Gardens. I was as usual hesitating to go as it was in the afternoon, extremely hot and we had to sort of rush through the one hour session. Photos turned out great! Thanks to Rose Marie, the photographer who ironically has the same name as my mother. Even the spelling. Will post some photos up soon. Here’s one shot of three of (…) Read more

Marco Tempest: Mind-Blowing Augmented Reality

Just stumbled across this amazing video of Marco Tempest, who combines technology and magic to produce some amazing mind-blowing results. At age 22, Marco captured the prestigious New York World Cup of Magic, launching him into international prominence. Marco Tempest has been featured in his own theatrical shows and as part of numerous television specials which have enjoyed well in excess of 500 million cumulative viewings across the world. Marco’s (…) Read more

Nearing Two

Time is moving so quickly. In May, Saivhes will be turning two! There has been so many amazing experiences but I’ve been a bit reserved in my blogging. One of the great things these days is that Siavhes pretty much understands everything we speak. You can ask him to do something out of the blue and he will just do it. Pretty amazing! He loves reading Dr.Seuss these days. Enjoys (…) Read more

Tech-Friendly Hotels for Travelers

Marriott announced its new Moxy Hotels brand on Tuesday, appealing to the “millennial traveler” with a technology-focused design. The budget-friendly hotels target techies, and are set to open exclusively in Europe next year. Rooms will feature built-in USB ports in each wall socket, and guests can check in via their phones. What’s more, guests need not be concerned about overpriced, spotty Wi-Fi, as the chain is set to offer free connection (…) Read more

Groupon’s Fired CEO Andrew Mason’s Memorable Letter

Andrew Mason, CEO of Groupon who was fired recently wrote a great exit letter to the staff of Groupon. Mason, in his goodbye letter, did not take the occasion to blast Groupon’s board of directors or deep-pocketed investors. Nor did he resort to a face-saving untruth like saying he wanted to devote more effort to music, a subject he had studied in college.  He simply accepted responsibility for what had (…) Read more

Ang Lee: A Never Ending Dream

My wife shared this amazing article written by Ang Lee. Perhaps she thinks that I have somehow lost my inspiration and dream getting too caught up in a 9-5 job. It was really inspiring. Thank you dear. In 1978, as I applied to study film at the University of Illinois, my father vehemently objected. He quoted me a statistic: ‘Every year, 50,000 performers compete for 200 available roles on Broadway.’ (…) Read more