Zeenee The Super Mommy

One thing I admire about Zeenee is her strong determination to try out many new and creative things with Saivhes. He has been exposed to lots of fun stuff and she has been constantly reading and learning new ways to interact with him. I’ll write more about her teaching techniques and activities she does for Saivhes another time. Saivhes has recently shown some interest in drawings and sketches. Whenever I (…) Read more

Isaac The Crocodile Hunter

Our cousin, Isaac has a strong fascination for reptiles. Well, he didn’t hunt any crocodiles but recently managed to catch a monitor lizard. I know most of us would run for our lives if we saw one, but he went after it, caught it and later told me that he tried to sell it to a few restaurants! So much for being a reptile lover Isaac!!!  

Saivhes and his first Thunderstorm!

There was a really bad thunderstorm in Port Dickson a couple of days back. It rained heavily and the strong winds caused a bit of mess outside not to mention a few broken branches. Water started to splash in as well in the room Saivhes was sleeping in and with the loud thunder and rain, he woke up startled. Zeenee had some difficulty putting him back to sleep. At one (…) Read more