Saivhes is now two months old!

Time passes so quickly. Our darling son is now two months old and has done amazing things in the past two months. He’s now established a reasonably good sleeping pattern. Sleeps through about 6-7 hours straight at night. Yesterday for the first time, he actually held this rattler and was busy shaking it. He also loves the water. Really enjoys his weekends bath time. On weekdays, Zeenee bathes him as usual but (…) Read more

Smile, An Everlasting smile…

  Saivhes has been smiling a lot lately and he really enjoys looking at stuff. The first thing i look forward to each morning before I leave for work is to just hold him in my arms and cuddle him while enjoying his morning smiles. He has also developed his sleeping routine and for the past week or more has been able to sleep long hours at night. He currently (…) Read more

Lamaze: Space Symphony Motion Gym

  Yesterday, we bought the Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym at Babyland. The Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym is loaded with features for baby to explore. Gym has a soft mat with bright space graphics and pattern arms. Features include five pillow characters with ribbons, rattle, jingle, squeaker, crinkle, and a tummy time mirror. Features are removable for on-the-go, or attach to the mat. The one feature we really liked (…) Read more

Introducing Saivhes, our lovely darling baby

Our baby is about a month old now..4 1/2 weeks to be precise. We’ve named him Saivhes. What’s the meaning? Saivhes – साइवेश : Sai means Mother & Father or Lord/God. Vhes is derived from the Sanskrit word vesh which means “Servant of” or “Man of” (eg. Vaishnuvesh – Man of Vishnu). It can also mean “wrapped with” as used in the word veshti. Hence Saivhes (साइवेश) means Man of God, (…) Read more