Becoming A Daddy

Dr.Premitha had requested us to come in on Friday morning at 7.00m for Zeenee to be induced. Her amniotic fluid level had dropped and the doctor did not want to wait any longer for the delivery as it may risky for mother and child. So there we were at Pantai Hospital, 27th May 2011 at 7.00am. Dr.Premitha broke the water bag and the contractions began to get stronger. An hour (…) Read more

It’s time for the baby!

The time we’ve been waiting for is almost here. Zeenee will be going into labor soon. I would say that she has had a pretty smooth pregnancy so far. There is a slight complication. From our lasts visit to the doctor, we were informed that the baby is engaged but the head is not as low as the doctor wants it to be. The amniotic fluid level is slowly beginning (…) Read more