A Gift from Rishikesh

About six weeks back, I received an e-mail from a person named Swami Yatidharmananda. He had previously added me on facebook though I honestly am not sure how he found me. Anyway, he sent an e-mail to talk about some website upgrade. We then began conversing on skype and I was then blessed with an opportunity to work on the official website of the Divine Life Society HQ in Rishikesh. (…) Read more

Ancient Chinese Gender Chart

I think we are all fascinated by the ability to be able to discern the sex of our baby before birth. The biggest question still lies within the validity of the answers to that question, “Is it a girl or a boy?”. Zeenee and I have decided to just wait it out and let the whole gender thing be a surprise. There is this famous ancient chinese gender chart though. Legend (…) Read more

A Bag for Fathers

Simple Dimple Papa Bag Shield Series is the bag for fathers. Zeenee selected this so tha I will be able to carry all the baby stuff in “style”, whatever that means. Features of the Papa Bag: [custom_list type=”check”] Large Compartments With Pockets Inside Sidewall Fully Padded & Insulated Bright, Attractive & Stylish Hardcase For Added Protection Bag Opens Up 45 Degree Angle For Easy Access There Is A Special Stroller (…) Read more

Infant Car Seat

We’ve been looking high and low for a good infant car seat. But one thing i learnt is that if you ever want to research and learn about child car seats, talking to the typical Malaysian may not be the best solution. A lot of people we spoke to said they hardly needed one. I remember one aunty who told me that although the car seat was installed in her (…) Read more

The Baby Cot

We initially wanted to get the wooden cot from IKEA but since we will be travelling to Port Dickson, we also wanted something that was portable. The trouble we found in regards to the wooden cot was that once we no longer needed it, it will take up too much storage space hence not very ideal. After a lot of discussion, we decided to get a cot which could store (…) Read more

Preparing for the baby

We spent the last week sorting out our books and getting rid of the small shelves. Zeenee got three large Billy bookshelves from IKEA as well as a beautiful white chest of drawers to keep the baby’s clothes. We also got rid of the old bed divan and replaced it with a king size bedframe from IKEA as well. The next thing we are looking at is a suitable cot (…) Read more